About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Florence's breathtaking Teatro Verdi for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

The Orchestra della Toscana continues the tradition of being the first to open the New Year in its Teatro Verdi in Florence in 2022. This time, the orchestra has devised a program that is appropriate for the occasion but unusual and original, combining waltzes and opera arias. The waltzes are not the ones one would expect, the Viennese ones, but rather those of Tchaikovsky taken from the ballets we all know: Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker from which the famous Waltz of the Flowers, very popular for being included in various films including Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940). The arias are those of the 'Mozartian women', Donna Anna, Susanna, Despina interpreted by the voice of the young Genoese soprano Benedetta Torre.

Teatro Verdi

Teatro Verdi is a theatre established in Florence in 1854, in the street 'Via Giuseppe Verdi'. Originally known as Teatro Pagliano, the theatre became one of the most popular theatres in Tuscany, welcoming all kinds of shows, as well as classical performances with the arrival of the Orchestra della Toscana. The largest Italian‐style theatre in the region, the building was inaugurated with a performance of Verdi´s masterpiece, 'Rigoletto', and was renamed in 1901 to honour the composer. Home to the Orchestra della Toscana, the theatre now combines a vivid classical program with theatre seasons, as well as rock and pop performances..

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