About the Event

In this eagerly awaited New Year's concert, the lovely sounds of classical music by Haydn, Bernstein, de Falla, Humperdinck and Gruber are heard in the esteemed and world‐famous Komische Oper Berlin.

Komische Oper Berlin

The Komische Oper Berlin is a member of the Berlin Opera Foundation based in namesake opera house. The theatre survived numerous ups and downs: it was first opened in 1892 but had to close four years later due to bankruptcy. In 1898 it reopened and became Berlin’s most popular variety theatre, but closed again in 1933.

The building was almost entirely destroyed during World War II and was completely reconstructed in the 1960s with an austere and inconspicuous exterior. Open to all, the unexpected neo‐baroque splendour when entering the building sets the right mood for a classical theatre experience. The primary repertoire of the Komische Oper is operettas and German‐language opera, however grand baroque operas and musicals are also staged here.

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