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Neue Philharmonie Hamburg: Beethoven's 9th at Glocke Bremen

Bremen, Die Glocke — Main Hall

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About the Event

The Neue Philharmonie Hamburg under the baton of conductor Samvel Barsegian invites the audience to experience Beethoven's great masterpiece, the 9th Symphony, at the turn of the year. In the final movement, the European anthem sounds with the final chorus 'Ode to Joy'. This is a loud appeal to international understanding, cohesion and peace, not least because of current events.

The event shines with a breathtaking richness of sound — during the first three movements, the various timbres of the orchestra are particularly impressive, until in the fourth and longest movement, the orchestra, accompanied by choir and soloists, intones the Ode to Joy. The combination of choir, orchestra and soloists gives the performance a unique expressiveness. With the Neue Philharmonie Hamburg under the direction of conductor Samvel Barsegian, internationally renowned and experienced musicians are on stage.

The poem 'To Joy' by Friedrich Schiller accompanied and inspired Beethoven throughout his life. Ten years before the 9th Symphony was written, he had the idea of setting the poem to music. But it was only during the years of work on his last symphony that he took up this idea again and created a masterpiece that influenced not only composers of the coming generations, but also world events. The symphony was premiered in Vienna in May 1824 and was to go down in history as a key musical work and the anthem of the European Union.


  • Beethoven, Ludwig van – Symphony no. 9
Program is subject to change


Ensemble: Neue Philharmonie Hamburg
Conductor: Barsegian, Samvel


Die Glocke, Domsheide 4‐5, Bremen, Germany — Google Maps

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