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  • © Christoph Koestlin
    © Christoph Koestlin

National Symphony Orchestra Washington at Philharmonie Berlin

About the Event

The South Korean classical music scene continues to thrive, and Seong‐Jin Cho is at the forefront of this hype. Since his victory at the Chopin Competition in 2015, Cho has emerged as one of the top young talents in classical music. In fact, an online survey by the Universal Music Group named him the most popular pianist in the world in 2021. Cho's popularity extends beyond South Korea, and he has achieved a level of stardom usually reserved for pop musicians. However, Cho remains focused on his art and is not swayed by the trappings of fame.

Perhaps because of the intense competition and the strong classical music tradition in South Korea, Cho has chosen to live in Berlin. He acknowledges that building a career in Berlin is not easy, given the fierce competition and the city's historical association with classical music. However, Cho has proven himself to be more than capable and has already established an impressive international career at a young age. Cho's style as a pianist is characterized by a sense of control and elegance. He is able to harness his energy and effortlessly translate it into his playing. Despite his technical prowess, Cho is not showy or aloof but rather exudes a cool, understated confidence that is reminiscent of artists like Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

In February, Cho will be performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 with the National Symphony Orchestra Washington at the Philharmonie. This concerto has been hailed as one of Beethoven's greatest piano concertos, with Robert Schumann himself praising its brilliance. With Cho's energy and talent, the audience can expect a captivating and memorable performance.

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