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About the Event

Experience the awe‐inspiring architecture of Seville's magnificent Teatro de la Maestranza and immerse yourself in an opera concert that will awaken your understanding of this art form. Through the power of music and storytelling, this opera explores themes of power, oppression, betrayal, exile, impossible love, religious conflict, and a clash of civilizations. Set in Jerusalem and Babylonia during the 6th century B.C., it cleverly metaphorizes an actual event from its time and relates it to the spirit of Italian nationalism, allowing the audience of 1842 to voice their discontent against foreign oppression.

Nabucco, the accidental commission that became a turning point in Verdi's career, revitalized his passion for composing. Amidst personal tragedy, having lost his wife and two children within a two‐year period, Verdi's immense talent flourished during his "galley years." It was during this time that he composed an astonishing 17 operas in just 12 years. Nabucco, a dramatic opera in four parts, captivated audiences from the very beginning with its powerful overture and continued to enthrall them with its stunning melodic progression, dramatic crescendos, and psychologically complex characters. Additionally, the meticulously sculpted chorus seamlessly integrated with the action, making it an opera filled with unforgettable moments.

There will be six performances of Nabucco, featuring a double cast of predominantly Hispanic names. Baritone Juan Jesús Rodríguez, soprano María José Siri, and bass‐baritone Simón Orfila lead the ensemble in this new in‐house production, which will also be shared with other international theaters. The stage direction for this production is by Christiane Jatahy, and Francesco Ivan Ciampa conducts the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro de la Maestranza.

This opera features a libretto by Temistocle Solera and premiered at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan on March 9, 1842.

Cast / Production

Musical director: Francesco Ivan Ciampa / Gaetano Lo Coco*
Stage Director: Christiane Jatahy
Lights and set design: Thomas Walgrave
Costume design: Thomas Walgrave
New production at the Teatro de la Maestranza in coproduction with the Grand Théâtre (Genève),Théâtres de la Ville (Luxemburg) and the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla
Coro Teatro de la Maestranza

Nabucco: Juan Jesús Rodríguez / Damiano Salerno
Abigaille: María José Siri / Maribel Ortega
Zaccaria: Simón Orfila / Darío Ruso
Fenena: Alessandra Volpe / Mónica Redondo
Ismaele: Antonio Corianò / Santiago Vidal
High Priest: Luis López Navarro
Anna: Carmen Buendía
Abdallo: Andrés Merino

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