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musicAeterna: Réquiem. W. A. Mozart

Seville, Teatro de la Maestranza — Sala Principal

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About the Event

Experience the astonishing performance of masterworks by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at Seville's remarkable Teatro de la Maestranza like never before. Led by the Greek Russian conductor Teodor Currentzis, known as a musical visionary, this concert promises to divide the crowd between fervent supporters and furious detractors. Currentzis demands superhuman technical technique from his musicians and conducts with an obsessive reconsideration of music that explores every score in a new way. Despite his heterodoxy and novel versions of the repertoire, some critics find his readings of scores capricious and debatable.

The musicAeterna Orchestra, an ensemble of period instruments founded by Currentzis, is able to navigate from Rameau to Mahler with his criteria. In 2011, when Currentzis was appointed Director of the Perm (Urales) Opera and Ballet Theatre, the orchestra followed him and became part of the theatre company. The technical side of the orchestra, which includes various Spanish musicians, is sumptuous, and the ensemble has received multiple awards.

Recorded in 2011, Currentzis's interpretation of Mozart's Requiem for Alpha is beautiful and unbelievable. In Seville, it will be performed with the full orchestra and choir of his musicAeterna. This composition, left uncompleted by Mozart and finished by Süssmayr following his instructions, holds a haunting place in the history of music. Don't miss this captivating concert of Mozart's Requiem, performed by an iconoclastic genius in a way never seen or heard before.

In collaboration with the Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla (FeMÀS), this concert is one of the most appealing of the season and cannot be missed.


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem
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Conductor: Teodor Currentzis
Orchestra & Choir: musicAeterna

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Perhaps the most important composer of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the late 18th century. Born in 1756 in Salzburg, he showed prodigious musical talent from childhood. Beginning at five years of age, he composed more than 600 works, including concertos, symphonies, religious works and operas before his premature death at the age of 35. Hi influence over successive generations cannot be overestated - Ludwig van Beethoven wrote of Mozart "posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”. Despite the immense success of his compositions, and the acclaim he received across Europe, Mozart achieved little financial security and rwas buried in an unmarked grave in Vienna's St Marx Cemetery.


Teatro de la Maestranza, Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 22, Seville, Spain — Google Maps

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