Music from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina: La Chimera

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Listen to the ancient and modern music from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina performed by La Chimera under the direction of Eduardo Egüez (theorbo) at the Salle Cortot in Paris.

According to the ancient Guaraní language, 'Mother of all rivers' Paraná flows from north to south over a large part of South America. The Tupi-Guarani, Tomonimos, Cayapos, Chaná, Charrúas, Querandíes, Tobas, then the Spanish, Portuguese, Africans and finally the Poles, Ukrainians and Russians have formed a unique cultural identity made up of mixtures and syncretism. From southern Brazil to northeastern Argentina, via the Paragay, La Chimera invites you on a fascinating journey made of polka and gallop, but also of samba, bossa nova or chamamé, rasguido doble, guaraña, zumbas, milongas and tangos. Go down the Paraná river and get drunk on the songs and charms of yesterday and today!

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