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Minichmayr, Lhotzky, Quadro Nuevo at Schauburg Dresden

About the Event

A native of Austria, Birgit Minichmayr is among the star actresses of her generation. The artist, who trained at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, was presented as one of the »shooting stars« in European film, receiving the Performer’s Award at the 59th Berlinale in 2001 for her role in »Alle anderen«, in which she appeared alongside Lars Eidinger. As a singer, she also proves herself a virtuoso individualist, compelling in her musicality. Under the title »As An Unperfect Actor«, Minichmayr, the pianist Bernd Lhotzky and the ensemble Quadro Nuevo have set nine Shakespeare sonnets to music – for the actress, this is her first album as a singer! The manner in which she breathes life into these multi‐faceted compositions with her fellow musicians is gripping and moving, and fits perfectly into the cinematic atmosphere of the Schauburg movie house.

Cast / Production

Birgit Minichmayr – Vocals
Bernd Lhotzky – Piano, Composition and Arrangements
Quadro Nuevo:
Mulo Francel – Saxophone and Clarinet
D. D. Lowka – Double Bass and Percussion
Andreas Hinterseher – Accordion, Vibrandoneon and Bandoneon
Philipp Schiepek – Guitar

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