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  • Maitrise Notre-Dame de Paris
    Maitrise Notre‐Dame de Paris
  • Maitrise Notre-Dame de Paris
    Maitrise Notre‐Dame de Paris
  • Sylvain Dieudonné, © Photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot
    Sylvain Dieudonné, © Photo: Jean‐Baptiste Millot

Mater Misericordiae: Notre‐Dame de Paris

About the Event

Experience sacred Medieval music in the extraordinary setting of the Cathedral of Notre‐Dame de Paris. The vocal ensemble of the Cathedral performs Gregorian chant as well as early polyphonic compositions, some of which were performed at Notre‐Dame over 800 years ago.

Practical Information

Witness the grandeur of Notre‐Dame de Paris Cathedral without spending the day standing in line. A concert at this world‐famous landmark is the only opportunity to experience the breathtaking cathedral without the flow of bustling tourists. Notre‐Dame de Paris attracts more visitors than any other church in the world, but during the evening concerts, only ticket‐holding audience members are admitted to enjoy the beautifully lit interior.

The reduced ticket price is available for people under 26 years old and unemployed people with valid ID.

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