About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Rome's breathtaking Baths of Caracalla for the ultimate concert with music by Leonard Bernstein set to awake your understanding of classical music.

A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players, and Dancers.

A Teatro dell’Opera di Roma New production.

The Baths of Caracalla are ancient baths in Rome and among the largest thermal baths in the Eternal City.
The construction of the Caracalla baths probably started in 206 under Septimius Severus and was completed in 216 under Emperor Caracalla. Further extensions, such as arcades and decorations, were carried out under the emperors Elagabal and Severus Alexander, so that the complex was not really completed until 235 AD. Together with the Diocletian Baths it belonged to the public and free bathing palaces.
In 537 the Ostrogoths destroyed the water pipe during the siege of Rome, which stopped the bathing activities. Nevertheless, they were regarded as the best preserved thermal baths until the Renaissance.
In 1824 systematic excavations began under Count Girolamo Egidio di Velo, who found the mosaic with the athletes. Nowadays the Rome Opera hosts open‐air opera performances here.-

Cast / Production

Conductor: Diego Matheuz
Director: Damiano Michieletto
Chorus Master: Roberto Gabbiani
Choreographers: Sasha Riva e Simone Repele
Set Designer: Paolo Fantin
Costume Designer: Carla Teti
Lighting Designer: Alessandro Carletti

Celebrant: Markus Werba

Teatro Dell’opera di Roma Orchestra, Chorus and Corps de Ballet

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