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Maria Grazia Bellocchio: Il Nuovo, L'Antico, L'Altrove at Bologna Festival

Bologna, Oratorio San Filippo Neri — Main Hall

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About the Event

Maria Grazia Bellocchio's laboratory of ideas is continuously evolving, with 'A journey in Italy' and 'Aphorisms' preceding a focus on Kurtág's Játékok and now 'Forms in time' explores echoes, mirrors, and resonances within keyboard music history. The concert structure presents distinct three‐voice conversations between piano solo pieces by Alessandro Solbiati and Fabio Nieder, and harpsichord compositions by 18th‐century masters Rameau and Scarlatti. Faint echoes of Ligeti's caprices can be heard in the background, adding another layer to the musical dialogue.


  • Jean‐Philippe Rameau – Musette en Rondeau
  • György Ligeti – Caprice n.1, Caprice n.2
  • Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in D minor K.213
  • Alessandro Solbiati – Interludes XV‐IV‐X-II
  • Jean‐Philippe Rameau – Les Soupirs
  • Alessandro Solbiati – Interludes XII‐XIII‐VII‐VIII
  • Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in C major K.513
  • Fabio Nieder – “Parlando”. A lullaby. Slovak folk melody from Vel’ké Zaluzice
  • Jean‐Philippe Rameau – Les tendres plaintes
  • Fabio Nieder – New composition for piano (world première)
  • Jean‐Philippe Rameau – Rameau Tambourin
Program is subject to change

Cast / Production

François Couperin
Preludes I – VIII
from “L’art de toucher le clavecin”

György Kurtág
Perpetuum mobile (objet trouvé)
…eine Blume für Ulrike Schuster…
Play with Infinity
Pen Drawing [Valediction to Erzsébet Schaár]
Fifths (3/a, 3/b)
Fancifully (quiet talk with the devil)
Hommage à Domenico Scarlatti
from Játékok

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in D minor, K.32

György Kurtág
Bells for Margit Mándy
Bell‐fanfare for Sándor Veress
Flowers we are…
Grassblades in memory of Klára Martyn
Hommage à Borsody László (Harmonica)
Hommage à Schubert
from Játékok

Franz Schubert
Ungarische Melodie, D.817

György Kurtág
In memoriam György Szoltsányi
Shadow‐play (3)
Hommage à Ránki György
Waltz (Hommage à Shostakovich)
from Játékok

Dmitri Shostakovich
Prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 34 No. 10
from 21 Preludes, Op.34

György Kurtág
In dark days – for Ferenc Farkas
Hommage à Berény i Ferenc 70
Ligatura for Ligeti
Hommage à Tchaikovsky
from Játékok

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
October: Autumn’s Song
from The Seasons, Op.37b

György Kurtág
Antiphony in F‐sharp Obstinate A flat
Fanfare to Judit Maros’ wedding
Les adieux (in Janáčeks manier)
from Játékok

Leoš Janáček
On an Overgrown Path: n.5 “They chattered like swallows”

György Kurtág
Second strictly personal letter to András Szöllösy on his 85th birthday
Reticent Question
Claudia – Litaneien …
Ligatura x
Hommage à J. S. B.
from Játékok

Johann Sebastian Bach
from French Suite No.1 in D minor, BWV 812

György Kurtág
Ligatura y
from Játékok

François Couperin
Prelude V, Prelude VI, Prelude VII, Prelude VIII
from L’art de toucher le clavecin


Piano: Maria Grazia Bellocchio: piano


Oratorio San Filippo Neri, Via Manzoni 5, Bologna, Italy — Google Maps

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