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Life in Music — part 2 Marietta Petkova

About the Event

In this concert, Petkova shares her life story through a recital, accompanied by music from composers who have played a significant role in her development, including Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, and Debussy. In a conversation with Lex Bohlmeijer, presenter of NPO Klassiek, she discusses what has influenced her and what drives her passion. Despite being originally from Bulgaria, Petkova has lived in the Netherlands for over 25 years, bringing a unique and inimitable contribution to the Dutch musical landscape. Each time Bohlmeijer met her, he discovered another remarkable aspect of her extraordinary life story, leaving him amazed. He became eager to hear the whole story, to understand the context, and trace her growth into the exceptional pianist she is today, according to Bohlmeijer.

Marietta Petkova is a celebrated pianist, known for her exceptional talent, which was quickly recognized both in the Netherlands and internationally. Her ability to reach the soul of music sets her apart. She goes beyond the score, delving into the psychology of the composer and uncovering hidden soundscapes. This requires a finely tuned sensitivity and emotional maturity, qualities that few pianists possess. In 2000, she captivated the audiences in Amsterdam with a remarkable Rachmaninov recital at the Concertgebouw, earning her the titles of "Grandiose Petkova" and "Pianist Petkova: ideal Rachmaninov" in De Telegraaf and NRC Handelsblad. Her live recordings of Rachmaninov's 24 preludes from Lausanne received high praise from the international press.

Marietta Petkova was born in 1968 in Ruse, a city located on the Danube River in Bulgaria. She studied in Sofia with Lili Atanassova, Vienna with Paul Badura‐Skoda, Ban as a Resident Artist, and Amsterdam with Jan Wijn, where she graduated with the highest distinction in 1994. She also studied for ten years under the renowned pianist György Sebők, who played a vital role in her musical development. Currently, Petkova enjoys a successful career as a soloist and chamber musician. She is a Steinway artist and has her own CD series on the Bloomline label.

Practical Information

The Bösendorfer Series is a series of intimate piano recitals in which nine top pianists shine behind our Bösendorfer Imperial Grand grand piano. The Bösendorfer Series is made possible in part by Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

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