About the Event

To open the world of sounds and to reveal the magical spheres of music to young listeners – that was the intent of the great English composer Benjamin Britten. Enjoy this two‐part performance of Let's Make an Opera! and The Little Sweep at the Latvian National Opera this season.

Let’s Make an Opera! The Little Sweep consists of two parts. The first part is dedicated to the preparation of the opera. The second part and the realisation of the production, The Little Sweep, is the story of little Sam, who is bullied by the brutal old chimney sweep Black Bob and his silly son Clem. Of course, it is the children who defeat all fear and anger with their wit and skill and help Sam break free. The Little Sweep is probably Benjamin Britten’s most‐performed opera.

Conductor: Andris Veismanis, Valdis Butāns
Stage Director: Rocc
Set Designer: Rocc
Costume Designer: Rocc

In cooperation with the Riga Dome Choir School

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