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Les Dames Vocales: Couleur Vocale — Hymnes from East and West

About the Event

Gustav Holst developed a deep fascination with the Hindu texts of the Rig Veda, leading him to immerse himself in the study of Sanskrit to fully explore its unique qualities. This profound interest gave birth to a series of highly individual compositions, including the exquisite "4 Hymns" for women's choir and harp. Similarly, Barber transports us to the earliest days of Christianity with a hymn dedicated to the women who steadfastly stood against violence in the name of their faith in Christ. Lasse Thoresen, on the other hand, set various texts of the Bahai faith to music, while the young Slovenian composer Makor transformed mystical texts into melodies, strategically placing the singers throughout the room to serve this purpose. Shifting our focus to English poet Gerald Manley Hopkins S.J.'s "May Magnificat," we witness an overflow of splendor from the natural world in May, ultimately honoring the Virgin Mary. This program by the women's ensemble Les Dames Vocales seamlessly weaves together countless visions and inspirations from the East and West, resulting in a truly musical and inspired whole.

Les Dames Vocales, a project ensemble for female voices based in Amsterdam, was established in the autumn of 2020 under the guidance of conductor Jeroen Spitteler. The ensemble comprises experienced singers who often participate in mixed choirs or other musical groups. However, their shared passion for the beautiful repertoire and the unique vocal timbre that arises from combining high voices brought them together in this challenging ensemble. LDV exhibits a wide‐ranging repertoire, encompassing classical compositions spanning from early medieval music to contemporary works.

Practical Information

The Bösendorfer Series is a series of intimate piano recitals in which nine top pianists shine behind our Bösendorfer Imperial Grand grand piano. The Bösendorfer Series is made possible in part by Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

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