La Traviata Pocket Opera and Ballet: Santo Stefano al Ponte

La Traviata Pocket Opera and Ballet

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Enjoy an enchanting Pocket Opera Version of Verdi's 'La Traviata' accompanied by Ballet dancers at Auditorium di Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Tuscany's beautiful capital.

In Verdi's masterwork, the beautiful but frail courtesan, Violetta, falls in love the well-born Alfredo Germont, and decides to abandon her feverish life of pleasure. But Alfredo's family intervenes, and the idyllic romance ends in tragedy.

Santo Stefano al Ponte, located at the feet of the landmark Ponte Vecchio, is one of the earliest churches in the historic center of Florence. The architecture unites Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements. The inside houses marvelous artworks, such as the Buontalenti’s staircase with its marvel balustrade of 1574.

Its unique location, the stunning acoustics and the magnificent interior make Santo Stefano al Ponte a truly stunning venue for classical music and opera performances. The atmosphere becomes magic at night, when music, art and architecture unite for an unforgettable experience.

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