La Bohème

La Bohème: Estonian National Opera

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Witness Puccini's tragic opera at the Estonian National Opera in Tallinn.

As one of the greatest 20th century lyric masters, Puccini created colourful and enticing musical portraits for his characters. He depicted a beautiful and romantic image of Paris, employing memorable melodies and bold orchestral colours. Claude Debussy has said: “No one has described the Paris of these days as aptly as Puccini in his La Bohème.”

Rodolfo, the poet, and Marcello, the painter, are trying to work in their cold Latin Quarter garret. They are without money to relieve their hunger, without fuel for heating their flat and without money to pay their rent. Colline, the philosopher has tried and failed to pawn some books. The musician Schaunard has been more fortunate – he arrives with food, money, firewood, and cigarettes. Rodolfo wants to work and his friends depart for Café Momus to celebrate their good fortune. Rodolfo’s work is interrupted by a beautiful young woman living next door, who is searching for a means to light her candle. On her way to her room she realises that she has dropped her key in Rodolfo’s room. She returns but her candle is extinguished in the draught. Rodolfo falls in love with Mimi who is hopelessly ill but two months later he deserts her, unable to look helplessly on while Mimi’s illness worsens in his poor, cold hovel. Six months later Mimi is brought back to the poet’s lodgings, as it is her dying wish to be with her friends again...

Music Director and Conductor: Arvo Volmer
Conductors: Risto Joost, Mihhail Gerts
Stage Director: Ran Arthur Braun (Israel)
Set Designers: Ran Arthur Braun and Riccardo Gallino (Italy)
Costumes Designer: Elo Soode
Lighting Designer: Neeme Jõe

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