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La Traviata: Estonian National Opera

About the Event

Enter Verdi's world of forbidden love, and nobility in the face of adversity.

This timeless opera in three acts has become one of the most beloved operas in the whole world. It is also one of the most frequently performed operas at the Estonian National Opera. The libretto by Francesco Maria Piave is based on Alexandre Dumas' play 'La dame aux camélias'.  The play was published in 1849 and staged in 1852. Giuseppe Verdi, who attended the premiere, was so fascinated by the play that he chose to base his opera on it. La Traviata premiered the next year. It is a moving love story haunted by the morality of society and Violetta’s past. Ephemeral happiness ends in tragedy.

Enter Verdi's dramatic operatic world as recreated by high‐calibre performers in Tallinn.

Practical Information

Sung in Italian with subtitles in Estonian and English

Cast / Production

Conductors: Arvo Volmer, Risto Joost
Stage Director: Neeme Kuningas
Designer: Anna Kontek (Finland)
Lighting Designer: Esko Suhonen (Finland)

Customer Reviews

4.6 of 5

  • Martin K, Deutschland

    May 2019

    Great performance, beautiful opera house

  • Irina S, Россия

    Mar 2014

    Превосходная постановка,в особенности для любителей оперных традиций!Всем гостям Таллина хочется ПОЖЕЛАТЬ посещения этого замечательного Театра,где публика не менее прекрасна,чем Спектакль!

  • Peter H., Germany

    Jun 2012

    Sehr gute Sänger

  • john a., United Kingdom

    Jun 2012

    A beautiful spectacle, very well sung and a true full Opera. Not a dry eye in the house at the end. Thank you John Arnold

  • Brian R., United Kingdom

    Jun 2012


  • suzanne f., United States

    Jun 2012

    We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

  • Markku L., Finland

    Jun 2012

    A truly great experience. The show was fine and the opera house is a gem.

  • Selina S., Finland

    Dec 2011


  • Pentti S., Finland

    Dec 2011

    Very impressive performance.

  • Emer T., Ireland

    Dec 2011

    Absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed every minute.

  • Esko K., Finland

    Dec 2011

    Stage set, costumes and lighting were excellent, orchestra and choir were fine, some soloists had difficulties with their voices in the beginning of the first act but improved then and were very good in the second and third acts, where especially Aile Asszonyi and Jassi Zahharov gave excellent performance.

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