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For his first creation for the Paris Opera Ballet, Etoile Dancer Jean‐Guillaume Bart comes to grips with this libretto and breathes new life into a long neglected work from the repertoire, originally created for the Paris Opera in 1866.

The light and colourful score was a joint effort from Ludwig Minkus and Léo Delibes in what was their first ballet composition. The libretto by Arthur Saint‐Léon and Charles Nuitter, future composer of Coppélia, draws on Wagnerian romanticism, orientalism and Shakespearean influences and contrasts the real world with the realms of elves, nymphs and ethereal beings. Working in close collaboration with the dramatist Clément Hervieu‐Léger, Jean‐Guillaume Bart helps to restore La Source with all its original freshness.

This wonderfully poetic dance tale of astounding virtuosity is further enhanced by Christian Lacroix’s flamboyant costumes and Eric Ruf’s evocative and fluid use of space.

Léo Delibes/ Ludwig Minkus, Music
Version conceived by Marc‐Olivier Dupin     
Jean‐Guillaume Bart, Choreography (Opéra national de Paris, 2011)
Eric Ruf, Sets
Christian Lacroix, Costumes
Dominique Bruguière, Lighting
Clément Hervieu‐Léger/ Jean‐Guillaume Bart, Dramaturgy

Etoiles, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet
Orchestre Colonne
Koen Kessels, Conductor

Customer Reviews

4.8 of 5

  • Viviane v., Germany

    Nov 2011

    Das Ballett war hinreißend !!! Die Pariser Oper‐ wunderschön.

  • Eeva L., Finland

    Nov 2011

    Good places, good performance

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