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  • © Marco Borggreve
    © Marco Borggreve

Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Vocalconsort Berlin, Christoph Eschenbach

About the Event

Explore the beauty of classical music at Konzerthaus Berlin, where masterworks by Schubert and Mozart come to life in this incredible performance.

Christoph Eschenbach bids farewell after four years as chief conductor of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin with two particularly impressive works: Franz Schubert's much‐loved Symphony in B minor, nicknamed 'Unfinished' — perhaps a thought‐provoking reminder that every human life remains unfinished. And Mozart's last work, his famous Requiem. The fact that it was, of all things, a mass for the dead, and that he left it unfinished when he died at the age of less than 36, has caused rumors to run rampant for centuries: Was he tormented by premonitions, did he therefore hurry with the completion and failed tragically? Who was the mysterious 'Gray Messenger'? Did the composer die a natural death or was there even a murderous intrigue in musical circles? These and many other excited speculations have been clarified and objectified by musicology in the course of time. What remains is unearthly beautiful music with Christoph Eschenbach, the Konzerthausorchester, the Vocalconsort Berlin and renowned soloists.

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