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Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Ton Koopman and Alexandra Dovgan

About the Event

In this highly‐anticipated concert, hear the mellifluous sounds of classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Jean‐Féry Rebel at Berlin's treasured and world‐renowned Konzerthaus Berlin.

Distinguished Dutch Baroque expert and proponent of historical performance, Ton Koopman, returns to grace our stage. This time, not as a harpsichordist, but as the conductor of the Konzerthausorchester. The program commences with Bach's resplendent Overture in D major, which houses the renowned 'Air' movement. This is followed by one of Mozart's precocious piano concertos.

However, expect the unexpected as we delve into Jean‐Féry Rebel's audacious composition. Rebel, a celebrated violinist and composer of the French court from 1666‐1747, encapsulated the raw tumult of primordial chaos in his final piece's opening movement. This daring portrayal was groundbreaking for its era. Though today we won't explore the entirety of this composition, it's worth noting that the subsequent movements depict a gradual establishment of musical order, as if tracing the expansive dance of the cosmos.

Concluding the concert, immerse yourself in the serene harmonies of Mozart's 'Great G Minor Symphony,' a rarity as one of his only two symphonies penned in a minor key. While scholars and critics have mulled over its profound undertones for centuries, listeners have unambiguously adored it since its inception.

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