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Konzerthaus Berlin: Piano Recital Works for piano four hands

About the Event

For an extraordinary evening of piano classics, visit the impressive Konzerthaus in Berlin to hear the masterpieces of Franz Schubert, Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky and Leonid Desyatnikov.

'Young musicians are friends to me, not guinea pigs,' says Elisabeth Leonskaja, 'I feel responsibility for their lives no less intensely than for my own.' Two she has taken particularly to heart, with whom she has performed several times and who were her desired guests for this tribute, are Pavel Kolesnikov and Samson Tsoy. One was born in 1989 in Novosibirsk, Siberia, the other in 1988 in Kazakhstan both have lived in London for some time. Kolesnikov and Tsoy can now point to an extremely successful career as soloists, but there are also musical moments whenever they get together — they founded their duo in 2009 — to play together. In addition to Schubert and Stravinsky, they will present the Berlin audience with a new work by composer Leonid Desyatnikov, born in Kharkiv in 1955: 'Trompe‐l'œil' means 'illusion of the eye' and stands for a painting technique that was especially widespread in the Baroque period and created illusions for the viewer that were more real than reality. What is real, what is fake? Today more than ever a challenging question!

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