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Konzerthaus Berlin: Piano recital Elisabeth Leonskaja

About the Event

Explore the beauty of piano music at Konzerthaus Berlin in Berlin, where masterworks from Ludwig van Beethoven come to life in this incredible performance.

Beethoven's last three piano sonatas, written between 1820 and 1822 in parallel with his Missa solemnis, radiate a unique aura. They stand as a testimony in which Beethoven compresses his entire sonata oeuvre and presents it with the utmost precision, while at the same time giving new space to lyrical and vocal elements and by no means turning his back on his passion. These are works of reflection and vision, but also of melancholy and consolation. Elisabeth Leonskaja recorded this triad on CD in 2009 and presented it several times in concert. After a concert evening in London in 2011, one critic described her playing of the finale from Opus 111 as a 'journey into musical paradise' and emphasized that it was music‐making 'that makes the world shine brighter.'

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