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    © Stephen Howard Dillon

Jules Massenet — Werther: Festspielhaus Baden‐Baden

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Baden‐Baden's breathtaking Festspielhaus for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

A theatrical material of the finest, as if made for the Canadian director Robert Carsen, who does a lot in France and whose scenic language is understood all over the world. His 'Ring des Nibelungen,' staged in Cologne, was shown not only in Shanghai but also at the EXPO. This 'Werther' is also likely to be a theatrical feast: with highly melodious arias that one immediately wants to whistle a musical theme of fate that gradually unfolds its down‐stretching power plus a narrative sophistication that reliably exerts its effect.

Practical Information

The categories on the seating plan are divided as follows:
Category 1 = yellow
Category 2 = pink
Category 3 = red
Category 4 = blue
Category 5 = green
Category 6 = blackberry
Category 7 = dark brown
Category 8 = light brown

Cast / Production

Thomas Hengelbrock, Conductor
Robert Carsen, Director, Lighting
Radu Boruzescu, Stage
Luis F. Carvalho, Costumes
Peter Van Praet, Lighting

Jonathan Tetelman, Werther
Kate Lindsey, Charlotte
Nikolai Zemlianskikh, Albert
Elsa Benoit, Sophie


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