About the Event

Classically trained Miki Kekenj is known for looking far beyond his orchestral horizon. Together with Germany's undisputed queen of soul music and his five‐piece band Takeover! Together he breaks down the boundaries between classical and soul music.

This man doesn't fit into any category: when the exceptional violinist, first violinist, rapper and lyricist Miki Kekenj performs with his chamber music group 'Takeover! Ensemble', his classical and pop fans follow him. Together with soul queen Joy Denalane, the Brunswick native presents an emotional and groovy programme and blurs the boundaries between soul and classical music. Where drums and electric bass usually set the tone, cello and clarinet take over — two seemingly opposite poles come together on the chamber music hall stage in perfect harmony.

The last two albums of the soul ambassador Denalane, 'Maureen' and 'Gleisdreieck', are very personal works on which she creatively wraps up her most diverse facets and life experiences. With 'MIKIs Takeover! Together', exciting arrangements have been created — catchy, spherical, intimate … and of course unplugged!

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