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Joseph Haydn: »The Seasons« at Kulturpalast Dresden

About the Event

Jordi Savall, the renowned musician known for his exceptional talent and commitment to historically informed performance practice, returns to the festival with his ensembles — La Capella Nacional de Catalunya and Le Concert des Nations. After winning over the Dresden audience last festival season with Beethoven's "Missa solemnis," they are set to perform another significant work of the classical period at the Kulturpalast: Joseph Haydn's "Die Jahreszeiten" (The Seasons). This oratorio, divided into four parts representing the cycle of seasons, masterfully portrays human life intertwined with the natural world, thanks to Haydn's effective use of onomatopoeic descriptions. While incorporating formal elements from its predecessor, "The Creation," Haydn's late work showcases a refreshing and innovative tonal style, characteristic of his status as a protagonist of the First Viennese School. Just as Savall's recording of "The Creation" was praised for its sonic transparency and colorful expressivity, these qualities will also be evident in the performance of "The Seasons."

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