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Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in b minor at Frauenkirche Dresden

About the Event

For decades, the combination of Philippe Herreweghe and the Collegium Vocale Ghent has consistently delivered extraordinary Bach interpretations. This is particularly true when they are accompanied by exceptional soloists and perform in the Frauenkirche, a renowned venue. Their most recent performance featured the Mass in B‐Minor, a sacred composition of immense historical and cultural significance. Designated as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Documents, Bach dedicated a significant portion of his life to its creation, with the composition spanning several decades.

Although Bach initially composed individual movements of the Mass, including the "Sanctus" in 1724 for Christmas Day and the "Kyrie" and "Gloria" in 1733 for the Dresden Court, he eventually wove them together in 1748 and 1749 to form a complete mass. He added the missing movements, resulting in a monumental and unparalleled composition. In fact, Franz Liszt described it as "the Mont‐Blanc of sacred music," emphasizing its unrivaled status in occidental music.

Therefore, the combination of Herreweghe, the Collegium Vocale Ghent, and their esteemed soloists brings forth not only exceptional musicianship but also an unwavering commitment to preserving and honoring Bach's masterful creation. This performance of the Mass in B‐Minor provides audiences with a remarkable musical experience that exemplifies the highest standards of artistic excellence.

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