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Javier Camarena

About the Event

Experience the awe‐inspiring beauty of Seville's magnificent Teatro de la Maestranza as you indulge in a concert that will deepen your appreciation for classical music. Renowned Mexican tenor, Javier Camarena, has garnered universal acclaim from international critics and audiences alike, establishing himself as one of the greatest tenors of our time. His enthralling stage presence, homogenous voice, and impassioned delivery have captivated fans around the world.

In 2017, the Teatro de la Maestranza was filled to capacity as Camarena made his debut in Seville, leaving the audience mesmerized by his authentic and humble performance. Known as the King of bel canto opera, Camarena specializes in the works of Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti, and Bellini. During his recital, he surprised and delighted the crowd with his rendition of Agustín Lara's 'Sevilla,' earning a standing ovation. Now, this renowned 46‐year‐old Latin tenor returns to Seville, eager to showcase the pinnacle of his vocal abilities.

The program for the evening will focus on the music of Francesco Paolo Tosti, a celebrated Italian composer and tenor who enjoyed immense success in Great Britain. Tosti, who served as the singing teacher to Queen Victoria I and King Edward VII, composed over 500 songs for voice and piano that remain immensely popular to this day. They have been performed by legendary tenors such as Caruso, Di Stefano, Pavarotti, and Kraus. Inspired by these timeless songs, Javier Camarena follows in the footsteps of these icons.

Camarena's recitals are characterized by his incredible enthusiasm, intense expressions, and remarkable ability to connect with his audience. As a lyric leggero tenor, he never forgets that opera was initially conceived as a spectacle for the public. With his extraordinary vocal agility, he will enchant listeners with Neapolitan songs and other beloved pieces, including Miguel Aceves's 'La Malagueña,' while preserving the dignity of Italian bel canto and the delicacy of French opera.

Camarena is an international star, boasting numerous accolades and the distinction of being the only singer in history to perform an aria encore in three separate productions at the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. Despite his success, the charismatic Javier Camarena remains grounded, never losing sight of his roots and the popular charisma that ignites his vocal cords, providing audiences with emotionally unforgettable experiences. In addition to his musical pursuits, he is also an avid fan of film, cuisine, and video games.

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