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J. Haydn: The Seasons at St. Stephen’s Cathedral

About the Event

Experience classical music like never before in this astonishing performance of Haydn's masterwork at Vienna's remarkable Stephansdom.

Hardly any work better captures moods such as dusk and dawn or the giving way of winter before spring than Joseph Haydn's Seasons.

In musical pictures, the oratorio describes the course of the year of nature and man, whereby he describes in detail incidents and moods in the cycle of the year: the hard work of the farmer, shimmering heat or an approaching thunderstorm, the wild hunt with blaring horns, the dissipating morning fog, icy cold and domestic diligence on long evenings — all cast in tone‐painting, immediately comprehensible sounds.

Joseph Haydn, a former choirboy at St. Stephen's Cathedral, created a seminal work with his Seasons. With the theme of closeness to nature, Haydn referred early to the approaching epoch of Romanticism and inspired composers such as Schubert and Weber.

Look forward to Haydn's last great work with Cornelia Horak and Daniel Johannsen as soloists, the Chorakademie Vorarlberg and the Vienna Cathedral Orchestra conducted by Markus Landerer.

The Stephansdom (St. Stephen´s Cathedral), constructed in the 12th century, is a Viennese landmark. The present‐day building incorporates Romanesque and Gothic styles, and stands on the site of two earlier churches. 23 bells hang in the Stephansdom's towers — the most famous is called 'Pummerin', and is the second‐biggest church bell in Europe.
One highlight of the Stephansdom is its tiled roof, intricately ornamented in richly‐colored mosaics that outline Vienna's coat of arms. Visitors can climb up the North or South Tower to take a closer look at the stunning roof and enjoy the view of the city. The cathedral's catacombs — the resting place of approximately 10000 souls — are another must‐see.

Classical music frequently adds to the magic of the Stephansdom, with those featuring the music of Vivaldi and Mozart attracting the largest crowds.

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