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Intolleranza 1960: Komische Oper Berlin

Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin — Auditorium

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About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Berlin's breathtaking Komische Oper Berlin for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

Great political music theatre! Composer Luigi Nono's belief in the power of art was great and is worth examining, not least in times like these. An encouragement to raise our voices where we do not want to put up with.

Luigi Nono: Scenic action in two parts [1960/61] based on an idea by Angelo Maria Ripellino

German translation by Alfred Andersch

Practical Information

The performance is sung in German language.

Cast / Production

Production: Marco Štorman
Musical direction: Gabriel Feltz
Stage design: Márton Ágh

A fugitive: Sean Panikkar
His companion: Gloria Rehm
A woman: Deniz Uzun
An Algerian: Tom Erik Lie
A tortured man: Tijl Faveyts
Soprano solo: Josefine Mindus
Speaker: Ilse Ritter

Choir soloists of the Komische Oper Berlin and Vocalconsort Berlin a. o.


Komische Oper Berlin, Behrenstraße 55‐57, Berlin, Germany — Google Maps

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