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Interpreti Veneziani: Vivaldi in Venice

Venice, Chiesa di San Vidal — Main Hall

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About the Event

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of classical music with this stunning performance of Vivaldi's masterpieces at the remarkable Chiesa di San Vidal in Venice.


  • Antonio Vivaldi – Selected Works for Violin and Harpsichord
Program is subject to change


Orchestra: Interpreti Veneziani

With youthful exuberance and Italian brio, the Interpreti Veneziani perform music by Vivaldi and other masters of the baroque: no musical ensemble captures the romance and mystery of Venice in a better way.

This string orchestra plays on prestigious original instruments and has received international acclaim from audience and critics alike for its incredibly beautiful and passionate performances. 

Started more than 20 years ago, their concert season, consisting of more than 300 concerts, takes place in San Vidal Church, which was restored in the late 17th century and displays famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance and works of Vittore Carpaccio.

The brilliant programs, performed in harmony with the unforgettable atmosphere of the church and the city, create a unity between music and art: the quintessence of Venice!

Chiesa di San Vidal

San Vidal (San Vitale) is a Venetian concert and event hall located in the Sestiere of San Marco, at one end of Campo Santo Stefano. Established at the end of the 11th Century by Doge Vitale Falier in honor of his namesake saint, the building burned down and was replaced in the 16th Century. Further renovations were needed in the 17th Century, and were completed in the style of the period. The interior hall has a vaulted ceiling, paintings by Pellegrini and Piazzetta dating back to the 17th century, and a detailed presbytery by Vittore Carpaccio. The altar piece depicts San Vidal on Horseback with Eight Saints, watched overfrom above by the Virgin with the Christ Child. The composer Baldassare Galuppi was buried here, although his funeral was held in a nearby church called Santo Stefano, and no gravestone can be found in the hall.

Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi went down in history as a creator of the instrumental concert genre and the father of orchestral music. He was born in Venice on the 4th of March 1678. Vivaldi was a weak and sickly child suffering from asthma, however could not stop him from devoting himself completely to music. His father, Giovanni Batista a professional violinist, taught his elder son Antonio to play the violin. With his father young Antonio met the best musicians of Venice of that time and gave concerts in local churches. He also worked as a violin teacher and later as a music director at the orphanage Ospedalle della Pieta. Meanwhile he composed concertos, sacred works and vocal music and in 1713 he achieved great recognition with his sacred choral music. Vivaldi got captivated by the world of opera and worked both as opera composer and impresario at the Teatro San Angelo. In 1717 he obtained a prestigious position by the prince court in Manua as a director of secular music and worked there until around 1720. During that time he composed his world-renowned masterpiece The Four Seasons. In the 1730's his career dwindled as his music became unfashionable and the great composer died in poverty. It took the world two centuries to rediscover and reevaluate Vivaldi’s music, as it was buried into oblivion after his death. In the early 20th century many previously unknown works were found and immediately captured the hearts of the music lovers.

Customer Reviews

4.7 of 5

  • Rosemary G, United Kingdom

    Feb 2024

    Brilliant !

  • Sep 2022

    Wonderful performance by enthusiastic young performers

  • CLAUDE R, France

    Jan 2020


  • Ian H, United Kingdom

    Oct 2019

    A vibrant and musically fine performance. The ensemble was excellent with the group responding and moving as one. The soloists were very fine players but virtuosity never took over from musicality. Clearly informed baroque performance practice. We have seen the group several times and it is always a joy.

  • Iveta H, Slovakia

    Oct 2019

    Great performance i enjoyed it very much. We have seen it last year and wanted to see it again

  • Marta Alicia E, Argentina

    Oct 2019


  • Leena B, Finland

    Sep 2019

    Excellent tight ensemble! Excellent bass and cello! Very good soloists, encore soloists superb! @

  • Loredana C, Italia

    Sep 2019

    Stupore e soddisfazione per l'esecuzione magistrale dei musicisti. Grazie per la magnifica serata!

  • Frederic R, France

    Sep 2019

    Amazing !

  • Judith S, Canada

    Sep 2019

    Truly wonderful! Made our last night in Venice very special!

  • Richard I, United Kingdom

    Sep 2019


  • Thelma S, USA

    Jul 2019

    Music and Venue great, but the temperature was very hot with little air circulation

  • Paul A, Belgium

    Jul 2019

    Maybe one piece of Bach

  • Lina L, Colombia

    Jun 2019

    Every interpretation was marvellous, we really enjoyed it. The passion that the group plays with is amazing

  • Olga K, Россия

    Jun 2019

    Grande! E 'stato il mio miglior giorno!

  • Emilie G, France

    May 2019

    Un pur moment de bonheur ! Ce sont des virtuoses qui nous font partager leur amour de la musique,un grand merci à ces artistes .

  • Sharon B, South Africa

    May 2019

    Wonderful recitals, the musicians were passionate about their playing and the venue was great.

  • Jaesung C, South Korea

    Apr 2019

    very amazing performance!!

  • Marina U, Россия

    Mar 2019

    Прекрасный концерт потрясающие музыканты, очень хорошая программа, замечательный собор 12 века с картиной Карпаччо и коллекцией инструментов!

  • Tony A, United Kingdom

    Mar 2019

    Thoroughly enjoyed the evening the music was wonderful played by very talented musicians.

  • Michael P, Canada

    Dec 2018

    This is a stunning display of the exceptional skills of masters of the violin and the final Carmen Fantasia a world class show stopper.

  • Barbara P, Schweiz

    Dec 2018

    Das war der Höhepunkt unserer Reise. Kann nur sagen: ein Kammerkonzert der Spitzenklasse! Es war unvergesslich und klingt noch nach.

  • Marc L, France

    Nov 2018

    Formidable concert, ce vendredi soir 30 novembre 2018 ! Nous avons été éblouis par : la beauté de la musique, naturellement ; mais aussi, par la virtuosité et l'engagement des "Interpreti Veneziani"… Un grand bravo pour leur talent (et leur travail), et pour leur anthousiasme communicatif !

  • Deborah d H, USA

    Nov 2018

    Lovely concert

  • John S, United Kingdom

    Oct 2018

    one of the best experiences of my life, I cannot descibe it better,

  • Peter M, United Kingdom

    Oct 2018

    Great performance. Lovely interpretation. Beautiful surroundings. Good value.

  • Marina C.,

    Oct 2012

    excellent performance, beautiful setting. Memorable experience!

  • Ivo F.,

    Oct 2012

    Grandiose Musiker, gutes Repertoire. Kirche hat eine excellente Akustik. Das Ensemble ist super und empfehlenswert!!

  • Marie‐Chantal G.,

    Sep 2012

    Très beau concert par des interprètes qui vivent la musique

  • Damein C., Australia

    Jul 2012

    Fantastic professional performance, venue perfect. Loved it. thank you

  • Helga S., Germany

    Feb 2012

    musikalisch gut inszenierte Darbietung, harmonisches Zusammenspiel der Interpreten mit gelungenen solistischen Einlagen

  • Martine C., France

    Feb 2012

    Ce sont d'excellents professionnels, très sensibles et très en lien avec le public. Très belle soirée.

  • Marie‐françoise B., France

    Feb 2012

    MAGNIFIQUE CONCERT — MUSICIENS EXCEPTIONNELS ! les quatre saisons de vivaldi dans un lieu aussi magique que Venise, la ville de Vivaldi — merveilleux souvenir

  • Yosuke F., Japan

    Jan 2012


  • Aurélien L., France

    Jan 2012

    Très beau concert!, les musiciens sont formidables. Quelle chance d'être présent au concert du nouvel an dans ce lieu unique

  • BERTILLON A., France

    Jan 2012

    Très beau concert … la seule déconvenue tenait au fait que nous avions pris les billets en croyant aller entendre "les 4 saisons" de Vivaldi ?! …

  • Wolfgang R., Germany

    Jan 2012

    Vivaldi am Geburts — und Lebensort von einem derart strak inspirierten, erstklassigen Septett in der ausverkauften, viel Athmosphäre verströmenden Chiesa San Vidal (viele Italiener und nicht nur Touristen) zu geniessen, das ist ein Musikereignis bester Qualität.

  • Cécile F., Belgium

    Dec 2011

    Très beau concert avec une superbe interprétation de la part des musiciens!

  • Hyekyoung K., United States

    Nov 2011

    very nice. good venue, excellent performers, good selections.

  • René E., France

    Oct 2011

    c'était vraiment excellent, nous avons beaucoup aimé le cadre et la virtuosité des violonistes

  • Pierre, France

    Sep 2011

    Une très bonne prestation, dans un lieu magnifique.

  • Andi L., Germany

    Sep 2011

    ds war sehr kurz .. aber gut

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Chiesa di San Vidal, San Marco, 2862/B, Venice, Italy — Google Maps

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