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Il Teorema di Pasolini: Deutsche Oper Berlin

About the Event

Discover Battistelli's new work 'Il Teorema di Pasolini' in premiered at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

With his 1968 film 'Teorema,' which was also published in novel form, Pier Paolo Pasolini formulated a radical reckoning with the bourgeoisie: the upper‐middle‐class family at the center of the work is held together only by conventions, and the erotic seductive power of a stranger alone is enough to cause this ossified system to break apart. Thus, 'Teorema' is at the same time the most impressive realization of Pasolini's basic thesis that sexual liberation of the individual and the transformation of society are interconnected — even if the sexual 'awakening experiences' set off different reactions in the members of the family.

In Italian language with German and English surtitles

Cast / Production

Composer Giorgio Battistelli
Conductor Daniel Cohen
Stage Direction Dead Centre
Set design, Costume design Nina Wetzel
Video Sebastian Dupouey
Dramaturge Jörg Königsdorf

Lucia Ángeles Blancas Gulin
Paolo Davide Damiani
Emilia Monica Bacelli
Ospite Nikolay Borchev
Odetta Meechot Marrero
Pietro Andrei Danilov
Orchestra Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

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