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  • I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
    I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
  • I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
    I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
  • I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
    I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
  • I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
    I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
  • I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera
    I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera

I Musici Veneziani: Baroque and Opera

Venice, Scuola Grande di San Teodoro — main

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About the Event

The orchestra and singers of I Musici Veneziani will perform the most beautiful Baroque arias in the exclusive setting of the Salone Capitolare of Scuola Grande di San Teodoro near the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

The Baroque musical era lasted from around 1600 to 1750. Many of the greatest composers of classical music left their mark during this period, which is why you will probably recognise many compositions of Baroque music. Experiencing baroque music in Venice is a unique and beautiful way to make your holiday something you will never forget.

Established in 1996 with the aim of recreating the artistic tradition of the Republica Serenissima’s most splendid period, the I Musici Veneziani Orchestra, is formed of some of the most skillful Venetian musicians and singers.
It is still the only classical orchestra in the world where the musicians wear baroque style dresses created from original designs.

Practical Information

Please note that the venue of the concert is only accessible by a staircase of 48 steps.

Seating from 02.01.2023
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Ensemble: I Musici Veneziani

The well‐known orchestra I Musici Veneziani is comprised of virtuosic musicians. 
The orchestra is joined in concert by operatic soloists from all over the world. The musicians perform in typical 18th century Venetian costume, enhancing the concert's festive atmosphere.

Scuola Grande di San Teodoro

The Scuola Grande di San Teodoro is dedicated to the original patron saint of Venice. The school is one of a remarkable group - the six Great Schools of the city. The establishment of the school can be traced to 1258, although the current structure was built between 1579 and1613 by the great architect, Tommasi Contin. The facade is topped by five statues, representing four angels and San Teodoro, above the rich entrance portal. The sculptures were created by Bernardo Falcon during the second half of the 17th century. I Musici Veneziani started performing their delightful concerts in the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in the last few years of the 20th century. Many other artists have also performed in this famous School of Venice, including multiple performances of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' by international classical stars.

Customer Reviews

4.6 of 5

  • Edith M, France

    Oct 2023

    Toujours très satisfaite malgré que je n'ai pas eu le nom du tenore. Le nom sur le programme ne correspond pas au chanteur. Peccato

  • Sarah L, USA

    Oct 2023

    We really enjoyed this event while we were traveling in Venice. The musicians and singers seemed to enjoy playing and singing together. Loved their costumes and facial expressions and beautiful voice!! It’s such a memorable event.. .

  • Robert G, USA

    Oct 2023


  • Edith M, France

    Nov 2022

    Un moment de pur bonheur comme chaque année ! Je recommande excellente prestation musiciens et chanteurs … frissons garantis

  • Igor S, Россия

    Jan 2020

    На высшем уровне!!!

  • anne b, Suisse

    Oct 2019

    Belle interprétation, pleine d'humour, dans une très jolie salle dotée d'une bonne acoustique. Programme un peu court, idéal pour intéresser les grands enfants à l'opéra. Je recommande.

  • Marc B, France

    Oct 2019


  • katherine g, United Kingdom

    Aug 2019


  • Monica R, USA

    Aug 2019

    Loved it. It was a great experience for my first time.

  • Tatiana F, Россия

    May 2019

    Для знатоков классической музыки и оперы концерт слабоват. Но если хочется просто провести приятно вечер в камерном зале итальянского палаццо и послушать оперные хиты — в самый раз.

  • Sharon B, South Africa

    May 2019

    Great atmosphere with players and singers in costume in baroque surroundings. Lovely choice of music/opera, really well done.

  • Carlota G, Reino Unido

    May 2019


  • Alex S, United Kingdom

    Mar 2019

    Bellisimo, very professional performance. It’s a wonderful way to spend your evening in Venice.

  • jacques m, France

    Mar 2019

    Spectacle de grande qualité. Musiciens et chanteurs largement à la hauteur du répertoire. Excellente mise en scène. Très agréable moment .

  • Jean‐Jacques L, France

    Dec 2018

    Soirée absolument magnifique. Musiciens et chanteurs lyriques très au dessus de la moyenne, le tout dans une ambiance joyeuse et conviviale. Il n'est pas besoin d'être un mélomane averti pour apprécier. A renouveler absolument.

  • Dominique D, France

    Dec 2018

    De très grande qualité. Visuelle, acoustique, artistique, professionnelle. A voir absolument !

  • giuliana s, Italia

    Oct 2018

    Molto simpatico e divertente. Bravi tutti, specie i cantanti.

  • felix w.,

    Oct 2012

    volltreffer…sehr gut.

  • Bruno L., France

    Jul 2012

    very good performance with an enjoyable programme

  • Glynis L., United Kingdom

    Sep 2011

    an excellent evening with beautiful voices

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Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, Campo San Salvador, San Marco, Venice, Italy — Google Maps

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