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Hungarian Dance Perfomance in Budapest

About the Event

Enjoy a hungarian folklore concert and dance performance at the Aranytíz Kultúrház in Budapest.

The influence of folk heritage on Hungarian culture — from music and performing arts to architecture and visual arts — is of particular importance and unique to this country.
There is no better way to discover the soul of a country than to learn about its authentic dance and music traditions. Hungary is a country known for its passion for the art of folk dance. It is one of the few countries in the world that has a University of Folk Dancing and four professional folk dance groups.
The folk dance show is held in the stunning theater hall of the Aranytíz House of Culture in the heart of the city center. Each performance begins at 8:00 pm and consists of two 40‐45 minute sessions with an intermission in between.
The 90‐minute folk show is performed by the best professional Hungarian folk groups. Their goal is to collect and perform authentic folk music and dances and to preserve the centuries‐old Hungarian traditions.
These world famous artists through hundreds of years of Hungarian traditions, in authentic costumes and with unique Hungarian way of life. During the show you can discover a great variety of traditional dances. The folklore groups perform a wide range of themes, from war to solemn and romantic dances. The choreographies are all based on original dances, some of which were collected in remote villages and whose folk elements date back hundreds of years.
Be amazed by the skills of the talented dancers and enchanted by the traditional music. You will also have the opportunity to witness first‐hand virtuoso artists playing an original Hungarian instrument, the cimbalom.
In addition, several string artists will make this musical evening unforgettable for you.
An experience you will surely not regret!
Experience an extraordinary evening and get to know Hungarian culture from a whole new perspective!

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