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Grigory Sokolov

About the Event

Experience the grandeur of piano music at the beautiful Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville and step back into history. The Russian virtuoso Grigory Sokolov, known for his charismatic and magnetic performances, will be captivating audiences with his extraordinary talent. Having won First Prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition at the age of 16, Sokolov has grown into a legendary figure in the world of piano music. He only performs music he loves, always on stage and rarely in a recording studio. His programs are often shrouded in mystery, adding to the anticipation and excitement of his recitals. Sokolov's performances are characterized by his powerful technical precision and his ability to extract a spiritual dimension from the music. His keyboard touch is perfect yet vibrant, bringing a unique depth to his interpretations. Sokolov's unwavering devotion to music and his aversion to interviews and recording studios have further solidified his status as a one‐of‐a-kind artist. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the most sought‐after pianist on stage as he returns to Seville. Each recital by Grigory Sokolov is a unique and unpredictable experience, with his encores adding an extra element of surprise. Surrender yourself to the love and passion for music that Sokolov brings to the stage.

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