• Ballet / Dance

    Ballet is an astounding combination of athletic prowess and aesthetic grace. Utterly precise movements come together in a dance form that exudes energy and emotion.

  • Baroque

    The first opera, the first concerto, the first sonata: The Baroque Era opened the door to vital forms of classical music, from royal courts to ornate churches across Europe.

  • Chamber Music

    Chamber music gives the artists more flexibility to communicate with one another and, of course, with the grateful audience.

  • Classical Concert

    Classical Concerts come in all shapes and sizes. If you are new to classical music, consider a "classic": Bach sacred music, Beethoven symphonies, Mozart quartets, Strauss waltzes, Vivaldi concertos – these all form a great platform from which to jump into classical music.

  • Contemporary

    Classical music is a living art form, and a contemporary music performance lets you experience music history in the making.

  • Jazz

    Jazz combines the virtuosic technique of the best classical music artists, with the emotional energy of traditional music.

  • Opera

    Opera can be a grand, larger-than-life affair, and yet at its best, the music touches the most intimate emotions.

  • Operetta

    Operettas and musicals offer a lighter alternative to "pure" opera. Both include spoken word as well as sung dialogue, and both promise entertaining musical theater.

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