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Flamenco y Tango Pasión at Kammermusiksaal, Philharmonie Berlin

Berlin, Philharmonie Berlin — Kammermusiksaal

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About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Berlin's breathtaking Philharmonie Berlin for the ultimate show set to awake your understanding of flamenco.
Flamenco and Tango Argentino are easy and difficult at the same time, understandable and enigmatic, modern and timeless. Flamenco captivates with its raw beauty and inspires with its rhythmic variety, tango seduces with its yearning melodies and touches our innermost being.

The artists from Spain, Argentina and Germany perform virtuoso and atmospheric magic, show an immediate and intense expression, and together they create something new with their inspiration and interpretation. Authentic and very personal, they take their audience on a journey through the two centuries‐old and yet eternally young arts: Flamenco and Tango.

In 'La vida es bailar!' ('Life is dancing!') each of the 12 dances stands for a special day, for a turning point in a life. A voice from offstage narrates her memories in short, often poetic lyrics. The associated feeling is translated by the musicians and set in motion by the dancers. Lust for life, lightness, being in love, friendship, love, faith, exuberance, loss, loneliness, memory, death and resurrection are the themes that are set to music and danced on this evening.

The great diversity of the programme is like life itself. FLAMENCO y TANGO PASIÓN inspires its audience with passion, drama, elegance, rhythmic refinements, new ideas, a touch of magic and the fusion of two souls. Óle!

Practical Information


Teil A
1.„Alegrías' — Flamenco (traditionell und Eigenkompositionen) -
2.„Corazon de Oro“ — Tango (Francisco Canaro)
3.„Toda mi vida“ — Tango (Anibal Troilo)
4.„Bulerías“ — (traditionell und Eigenkomposition)
5.„Mala Junta”- Tango (Julio de Caro — Pedro Laurenz)
6.„Reliquias Porteñas“ — Tango (Francisco Canaro)
7.„Youkali“ — Flamenco y Tango (Teresa Stratas)
8.„Nostalgico“ — Tango (Julián Plaza)
9.„Luz en los Balcones“  — Flamenco (Fernando Terremoto)
10.„Caña“ — Flamenco (traditionell)

-Pause —

Teil B
1.„Ojos negros' — Flamenco (traditionell und Eigenkomposition)
2.„Loca” Tango (Viergol — Jovés)
3.„Oblivion“ — Tango (Astor Piazzolla)
4.„Soleá“ — Flamenco (traditionell und Eigenkomposition)
5.„Preludio a la ausencia de Thaise“ — Tango (Pablo Woiz)
6.„Tangos“ — Flamenco (traditionell)
7.„Guajiras“ — Flamenco (traditionell)
8.„Vida Mia.“ — Tango (Osvaldo Fresedo)
9.„Martinete“ — Flamenco (traditionell)
10.„Volver“ — Tango und Flamenco (traditionell, Eigenkompositionen)
11.„Alegrías“ — Flamenco y Tango (traditionell und Eigenkompositionen)

Duration: 90‐100 minutes plus a break of 20‐30 minutes


Castrillón, Javi

Torres, Gilberto

Schlee, Rayko

Nieves, Blanca

Holscher, Sven

Cárdenas, Juan

Piñera Moreno „Pumuki“, Antonio

Woiz, Pablo

Gierster, Lukas

Elizari, Julián

la Minera, Cornelia


Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert‐von‐Karajan‐Str. 1, Berlin, Germany — Google Maps

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