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Flamenco Show at Flamenco en Palacio

Granada, Palacio de los Olvidados

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About the Event

In the vibrant heart of Granada, a stone's throw from the historic Plaza Nueva and the serene Paseo de los Tristes, stands a cultural enclave like no other: the Palacio Flamenco. This majestic 16th century palace, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, opens its doors to all those passionate about the art of flamenco. With daily shows featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists, the Palacio Flamenco is a must‐see for those seeking a profound and authentic cultural experience.
For 60 minutes, visitors are transported to a world where passion and art merge through flamenco guitar, song and dance. Each performance at Palacio Flamenco is a showcase of dedication and artistry, designed to move and captivate the audience. The sounds of the guitar, performed by virtuosos such as Luis Mariano, intertwine with the powerful voices of cantaores such as Fita Heredia and Antonio Gomez 'El Turry', and the impressive movements of dancers such as Sergio Aranda, Adrian Santana and Ana Pastrana.

What makes the Palacio Flamenco unique is not only its impressive line‐up of artists, but also its location. The palace's courtyard, with its natural acoustics, provides the perfect setting for flamenco shows, allowing every note and dance step to resonate in the soul of the audience. This historic venue not only provides a window into the past, but also offers an immersive experience that highlights Andalusia's rich flamenco tradition.
In addition to enjoying the shows, visitors can explore the palace's nooks and crannies, each steeped in history and beauty. The ambiance of the venue, combined with the quality of the performances, ensures an unforgettable experience. From tourists seeking to understand and experience Spanish culture to flamenco aficionados who wish to deepen their appreciation for the art, the Palacio Flamenco offers something for everyone.

Palacio Flamenco is not only dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of flamenco, but also strives to innovate and present this traditional art form in a contemporary and accessible way. With varying programming, the palace ensures that each visit is unique and enriching.
Located at Cuesta de Santa Inés, 6, the Palacio Flamenco invites locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the passion and duende of flamenco. With performances available every day and ample accessibility, we hope that every visitor will take away a piece of the flamenco soul.


Palacio de los Olvidados, Cta. de Sta. Inés, 6, Granada, Spain — Google Maps

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