Festive opera and operetta gala for the 100th birthday of Eva‐Maria Hohenfels

Berlin, Philharmonie Berlin — Grosser Saal

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About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Berlin's breathtaking Philharmonie Berlin for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

The four traditional Christmas concerts start on 25 December 2022 with the Festive Gala for the 100th birthday of Eva‐Maria Hohenfels. The wife of the founder of the Konzertdirektion Prof. Victor Hohenfels was a gifted soprano, which is why the programme exclusively includes arias, duets and scenes from her repertoire. from her repertoire. In addition, we will also hear works of Prof. Victor Hohenfels, who would have turned 125 in December.
This very special concert event will be conducted by Stanley Dodds, Principal Conductor of the Berlin Sinofnie Orchester.


Orchestra: Sinfonie Orchester Berlin

The Sinfonie Orchester Berlin with its principal conductor Stanley Dodds and all its other famous conductors and soloists have performed since their very beginning at the magnificent Philharmonie Berlin, one of the world’s most renowned concert halls with unparalleled acoustics.

Conductor: Dodds, Stanley
Soprano: Richter, Katharina
Soprano: Dondalska, Katarzyna
Mezzo-soprano: Marković, Jana
Tenor: Ambrosio, Enrique
Baritone: Weinhappel, Thomas


Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert‐von‐Karajan‐Str. 1, Berlin, Germany — Google Maps

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