About the Event

Experience classical music like never before in this astonishing performance of masterworks by Vivaldi at Berlin's remarkable French Cathedral.

For 20 years, the Festival Orchester Berlin, a multicultural association of musicians from the leading European orchestras, has been creating enthusiasm with its baroque, Viennese classical and romantic repertoire, supplemented by musical rarities. In this concert, the ensemble focuses on the music of the great Venetian master Antonio Vivaldi. He created a timeless work of art with his interpretation of the four seasons. As a violin virtuoso himself, the composer compiled four violin concertos in 1725 into the 'Four Seasons'. The natural phenomena of each season are complemented by various sounds. The music thus portrays nature, animals and people in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In addition to Antonio Vivaldi's masterpiece, this concert for violin and chamber orchestra will feature other important works by well‐known composers. The orchestra plays on old Italian instruments and thus guarantees a sound of exceptional beauty.

French Cathedral
The French Church Französischer Dom is one of the three key buildings at the Gendarmenmarkt, the most beautiful square in Berlin. The church was built as a place of worship for the Huguenots, followers of the Protestant Reformed Church of France, who were persecuted in their own country and found asylum in Berlin in the reign of Frederick the Great.

The French Cathedral stands opposite the German Church or Neue Kirche, their identical domes and styles forming a stunning architectural ensemble. Unusually, in this location, 'Dom' refers not to a German 'cathedral', but to the French 'dome'. The building houses the Huguenot museum, a restaurant and a viewing platform that offers a gorgeous view of Mitte district of Berlin.

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