Famous instrumental concertos at Philharmonie Berlin

Berühmte Konzerte für Holzblasinstrumente am 05.10.2019

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Join the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin for an evening of absolute highlights of the Classical repertoire.

Outstanding soloists will perform with the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin in the prestigious Philharmonie Berlin.

"Our successful collaboration with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker will continue once more throughout the new season. It is always a great honor and pleasure for us to present several of these outstanding artists, soloists, and conductors." - Konzertdirektion Prof. Viktor Hohenfels

Seating & Categories:
Cat. 1: Block A Rows 1-6
Cat. 2: Block D Rows 1-6
Cat. 3: Block E Rows 1-6, Block F Gallery Rows 1-4, Block B Rows 1-6
Cat. 4: Block F Rows 1-5, Block G Rows 1-5
Cat. 5: Block C Rows 1-4, Block H Rows 1-6, Block H Gallery Rows 1-4

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