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Für Elise Piano Concerto in the crypt

About the Event

Walkiria, the Venezuelan piano virtuoso, has made a name for herself as a multiple winner of international piano prizes. Her repertoire spans a wide range, from the classical masterpieces of Beethoven and Chopin, to the virtuosic compositions of Liszt and others. However, what sets her apart is her ability to connect deeply with the Argentinean danzas, bringing a sense of authenticity and passion to her performances. With her sensitivity and a large dose of temperament, Walkiria guarantees an unforgettable concert experience for her audience, offering a glimpse into the depths of her homeland.

The KRYPTA, established as Austria's smallest opera and classical theater, is known for its performances that captivate audiences with their intensity and high quality. Unlike any other theater, this intimate hall is located deep beneath Vienna's St. Peter's Church. This unique setting creates a personal experience for each spectator, fostering a stronger connection between the performers and the audience. In this underground chamber, the magic of the performances is heightened, and the sheer talent and artistry of the artists shine through, making each show a truly exceptional event.

Practical Information

The KRYPTA is pleasantly tempered at any time of year.

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