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  • St John's Church Tallinn, Credit: Alexey Klyukin/Common
    St John's Church Tallinn, Credit: Alexey Klyukin/Common

Estonian National Opera Christmas Concert in Tallinn St. John’s Church

Tallinn, St John's Church Tallinn — main

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About the Event

Beloved Christmas carols performed by soloists of the Estonian National Opera in Tallinn St. John’s Church.

“Petite messe solennelle” is one of the most important works of Gioachino Rossini’s late artistic period and quite unique among his output, considering that he is mostly known as a prolific author of 39 operas. The mass was written in 1863 for a chamber orchestra, vocal soloists and a 12‐member chorus. It premiered on March 14, 1864 in Paris, at the inauguration of Countess Louise Pillet‐Will’s private chapel. A little before his death, Rossini orchestrated the piece in fear that otherwise someone else would do it for him. In the introduction of the manuscript, he called it “a sin of my old age” and on the last page he addressed God: “Dear Lord, here it is finished, this poor little mass. Have I just written sacred music, or rather, sacrilegious music? I was born for opera buffa, as you well know. Not much technique, a little bit of heart, that’s all. Blessings to you and grant me Paradise”. Maestro’s last piece charms with its spirituality and richness of harmonies. It is an amalgam of sacred and secular music, combining Rossini’s profound knowledge of counterpoint and his passion for operatic melodies.

In addition, Christmas carols will be performed.


St John's Church Tallinn, Vabaduse väljak 1, Tallinn, Estonia — Google Maps

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