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Estonian National Opera Ballet: Light from the End of the World

Tallinn, Estonian National Opera — Theatre Hall

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About the Event

Experience the awe‐inspiring architecture of Tallinn's Estonian National Opera for a concert that will deepen your appreciation for classical music.

Witness the world premiere of "Light from the End of the World" Ballet by Jevgeni Grib and Alisson Kruusmaa on November 28, 2024, at the Estonian National Opera.

This performance narrates the story of the world's creation, mankind's birth, loss of harmony, greed, and destruction of the old world — along with the hope for a new beginning. As the apocalypse looms, human nature is laid bare, revealing both its darkest impulses and hidden tenderness. Amidst the chaos, the possibility of a fresh start emerges.

Jevgeni's choreography skillfully weaves together emotional landscapes, seamlessly blending music, movement, sets, and concepts. His work, infused with emotional depth and philosophical insight, stands as a testament to the power of art.

Cast / Production

Choreographer and Stage Director: Jevgeni Grib
Composer: Alisson Kruusmaa
Music Director and Conductor: Kaspar Mänd
Librettist: Eero Epner
Set Designer: Kristjan Suits
Costumes Designer: Tanel Veenre
Lighting Designer: Priidu Adlas


Estonian National Opera, Estonian Avenue 4, Tallinn, Estonia — Google Maps

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