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Dresdner Musikfestspiele: Musica Non Grata — Silent Voices In A Noisy World

Dresden, Palais im Großen Garten — Main Hall

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About the Event

Experience the awe‐inspiring architecture of Dresden's Palais im Großen Garten while indulging in a captivating concert that will enhance your appreciation for classical music. This matinee concert pays homage to two remarkable but often forgotten female composers who were active in the world of operetta during the early 20th century. Amélie Nikisch, the wife of renowned conductor Arthur Nikisch, was not only a talented singer but also a prolific composer. Similarly, Rachel Danziger van Embden, a student of Wagner biographer Jacques Hartog, was considered one of the most successful composers of her time in this genre. Unfortunately, the rise of the National Socialists abruptly ended Danziger's career. Now, for the first time in decades, Nikisch's operetta 'Meine Tante, Deine Tante,' which premiered in Dresden in 1911, and Danziger's 'Die Dorfkomtesse' from 1910, both of which received recognition in the 'New York Times,' will be performed. The presentations will provide background information about the time period and shed light on the persecution of artists across countries and continents, as well as explore the concept of a political mandate for the arts. This program is a must‐see not only for lovers of the genre but for anyone interested in uncovering hidden musical masterpieces. Presented by the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden in collaboration with Musica non grata/Terezín Music Academy and the Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles.

Amélie Nikisch 'Meine Tante, Deine Tante'
Rachel Danziger van Embden 'Die Dorfkomtesse'
(each in an abridged version for piano by Kai Hinrich Müller)

Presented by the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
In cooperation with Musica non grata/Terezín Music Academy and the Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles

Cast / Production

Nefeli Spyropoulou Sopran
Ekaterina Krovateva Sopran
Bálint Németh Tenor
Friedemann Gottschlich Bariton
Benjamin Hewat‐craw Bariton

Alexander Breitenbach Klavier
Volker Krafft Einstudierung
Pd Dr. Kai Hinrich Müller Moderation und Leitung


Palais im Großen Garten, Hauptpalais / Am Palaisteich, Dresden, Germany — Google Maps

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