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Dona Nobis Pacem: Festspielhaus Baden‐Baden

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Baden‐Baden's breathtaking Festspielhaus for the ultimate performance set to awake your understanding of dance.

To dance Bach means to confess: to life, to faith, to baroque images and today's needs. That John Neumeier never approaches the composer coolly from the outside, celebrating his greatness in a museum‐like way, is shown by decisions like the one to dance Jesus himself in 'St. Matthew Passion': to expose himself to themes like pain, hope and redemption. His interpretation was filmed by SWR at the Festspielhaus. We participated in the 'Christmas Oratorio' and in, 'John's‐BJB‐Bach', heard excerpts from the 'Musical Sacrifice' in 'Death in Venice'. It follows 'Dona Nobis Pacem' — also as a kind of legacy.

Dona Nobis Pacem
Ballet by John Neumeier

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Practical Information

The categories on the seating plan are divided as follows:
Category 1 = yellow
Category 2 = pink
Category 3 = red
Category 4 = blue
Category 5 = green
Category 6 = blackberry
Category 7 = dark brown
Category 8 = light brown

Cast / Production

John Neumeier
Choreography, stage design, lighting and costumes
Holger Speck
Musical direction
Vocal Ensemble Rastatt
Freiburg Baroque Orchestra
Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

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