About the Event

Experience a wonderful children opera at Vienna's remarkable Krypta Peterskirche.

Befana the witch is blissfully listening to the shepherds singing about the birth of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. She immediately wants to fly there with her broom to see the child, but she is constantly delayed because so many people need her help. When Befana finally arrives at the stable in Bethlehem, the Holy Family has already moved on. Inconsolable, she meets the Magi, who are already on their way back…

The Italian Christmas story about the Christmas witch Befana puts young and old in a festive mood as a humorous and contemplative musical theater.
The little guests will experience an intense musical experience tailored to them.

Practical Information

- Recommended from 3 years
- Seats are assigned on the spot
- An entertaining children's introduction to the work is offered 10 minutes before the performance begins
- The KRYPTA is pleasantly tempered at any time of the year

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