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Der Tod und das Mädchen: Festspielhaus Baden‐Baden

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Baden‐Baden's breathtaking Festspielhaus for the ultimate dance performance.

This world premiere will take place simultaneously at the National Opera Prague and the Festspielhaus Baden‐Baden. So the term 'building bridges' immediately takes on a new, expanded meaning! State‐of‐the‐art hologram technology makes it possible. To the music, which is played live in the Festspielhaus, dancers dance in Prague, on the stage of the National Opera. We will see the dancers as holograms, while the Prague ballet audience will experience the orchestra from the Festspielhaus in projection. Classical music connects? We've taken that literally here.

Cast / Production

Mauro Bigonzetti, Choreography
Thomas Zehetmair, Conductor
Sven Helbig, Electronics
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
Czech National Ballet

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