Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra: Vivaldi & Mozart

Berlin, Philharmonie Berlin — Kammermusiksaal

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The ensemble of the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague is today considered one of the best new orchestras in the Czech Republic. In Berlin, their diverse Christmas concerts have been a permanent musical institution in the Berliner Philharmonie for years. In keeping with the festival, the Czechs have been invited back to the Philharmonie's chamber music hall to perform two of the most popular composers in music history: The baroque grandmaster Antonio Vivaldi and wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In addition to Vivaldi's timeless work of art 'The Four Seasons', the Kammerphilharmoniker, conducted by Petr Chromczák and violonist Martín Kos, will perform Mozart's Symphonies No. 16 in C major and No. 29 in A major.


Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert‐von‐Karajan‐Str. 1, Berlin, Germany — Google Maps

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