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Concerto Gala: Lirica Sala Girelli, Verona

Verona, Sala Girelli

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About the Event

Experience the mesmerizing architecture of Verona's Sala Girelli and be transported by an unforgettable concert that will deepen your appreciation for chamber music. Concerto Gala is an innovative project brought to life through collaboration between Italy's leading concert societies, coordinated by the musical association I Musici Patavini. The programming is skillfully curated by Ente Lirico Sala Girelli of Verona, a concert organization with 20 years of experience in promoting the most talented singers and musicians in Italy.

Gala Concerts take place in carefully selected venues with rich historical, artistic, and cultural significance. These concerts feature the finest performers in the classical, opera, and operatic music fields. Each concert offers a unique and immersive experience, where the audience becomes an integral part of the performance, creating a profound connection between the musicians and the listeners.

Moreover, the Gala Concerts provide a wonderful opportunity to discover the instrumental and operatic repertoire of Italy and Europe. This experience resonates with enthusiasts and new generations alike, as they explore the historical and emotionally engaging musical traditions.

Sala Girelli, also known as the 'Antonio Girelli' hall, is dedicated to Prof. Antonio Girelli (1894‐1970), the former president of the Veronese Anmig Section. The hall, located on the ground floor of Palazzo dei Mutilati e Invalidi di Guerra, offers a seating capacity of 170 on original wooden chairs. Designed by Verona's architect Francesco Banterle, the Palazzo dei Mutilati was inaugurated on September 16, 1934. The hall's striking entrance door is adorned with two large sculptural groups carved from a single block of Quinzano stone, evoking the art deco style. The palace's interior preserves its original furniture, symbols, and furnishings, creating an evocative ambiance where time seems to stand still.

Practical Information

- Concert with tenor, mezzo‐soprano and piano
- Dedicated reception with welcome drink
- Tour of the palace

- The concert lasts sixty‐five minutes
- No break is scheduled
- Wardrobe service available


Sala Girelli, Via dei Mutilati, 6, Verona, Italy — Google Maps

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