Dinner and Concert at La Sainte Chapelle

Concert at La Sainte‐Chapelle & Dinner at Les Fous de l'Île

You are invited to take part in this dinner with a concert including the most popular classical melodies. The programme combines a dinner with romantic candlelight atmosphere and a concert at the world‐famous Le Sainte Chapelle

Experience one of the most breathtaking sights in Paris while enjoying a superb performance of classical music. Indulge in a delicious meal after the concert at the restaurant 'Fous de l'ile',Ile Saint‐Louis. You will be ending your evening with a culinary delight and a dinner to awaken all of your senses.

The Les Fous de l'Ile is only fifteen minutes away from the Sainte‐Chapelle and offers modern French cuisine in a stylish ambience. It will certainly seduce you with their eclectic and original fusion cuisine.

Reduced prices (with valid ID)
- All children must be accompanied by an adult.
- Students can only order in the category admission.

Please note: The category 'Children under 10' can only be bought with a corresponding adult ticket of the same category.

We recommend that you arrive at the Sainte‐Chapelle no later than 45 minutes before the beginning of the concert.
The Sainte‐Chapelle is located at 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France.

Please note that the doors close 5 minutes before the beginning of the concerts and visitors who arrive late will NOT be admitted to the concert.

After the concert you can go directly to the restaurant to enjoy your dinner. You can show your e‐ticket upon arrival at the restaurant Fous de l'île about one hour and a half after the beginning of your concert.
33 Rue des Deux Ponts, 75004 Paris.

Please note that there is a 15 minutes walk between the Restaurant and the Sainte‐Chapelle. Many taxis are available at that time if your party prefers not to walk.

The Sainte‐Chapelle is located within the perimeter of the Palace of Justice of Paris, in order to ensure the safety of visitors, the monument applies the preventive measures decided by the government for public administrations.
All visitors are subject to a mandatory security check — X‐ray machines, and corporal scanning for the detection of metallic objects. It is forbidden to enter the palace with metal and/or pointed objects (knives, scissors, pliers…) motorcycle helmets, glass bottles. Confiscated items will not be returned to the owners.

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